Hypnotherapy is for Everyone

People come to me seeking to improve and transform their lives. Their concerns include career issues, relationship problems, problems of self-esteem, or self-image, problems of stress, anxiety, emotional and physical pain, psycho-somatic conditions, and so on. Hypnosis positively affects one’s health and quality of life by restoring internal harmony naturally. Hypnosis promotes healing and creative thinking.

This website describes my practice of hypnotherapy and life coaching. I am a certified hypnotherapist in Durham, NC. You will find comments about my work on the testimonials page of this website.

While life coaching may utilize hypnotherapy from time to time, it typically involves talking through your personal problems in an empathic environment, so that you are able to arrive at making positive and meaningful choices that feel right to you. Coaching may last from a few sessions to many sessions depending on what you are dealing with and how we may work together toward discovering your vision, aim and purpose in life. If you are struggling with codependent issues, or with emotionally difficult conditions involving your and career and relationships, or if you are looking for a new career but don’t know what that is, and want to take steps toward resolving these issues and working out effective strategies and plans for your life, you may be interested in coaching sessions. Through coaching sessions, you can free yourself of your obstacles and find the way to move forward toward the fulfillment of your aims in life.

Hypnotherapy is effective in dealing with a wide range of physical and emotional problems. It effectively resolves stress, pain, tension, anxiety, panic, phobias, sleep problems, unwanted habitual patterns, and so on. Hypnotherapy supports healing, promotes natural processes, and personal growth. Hypnotherapy can help bring you to such deep core states as inner peace, calm and clarity. You may find some of your problems spontaneously resolving these core states. Arriving at core states is easy to do. I teach self-hypnosis so people can do this at home. Because it helps, I teach self-hypnosis along with hypnotherapy. Through Hypnotherapy you can resolve deep issues so that you live the way you want, free of emotional and physical pain.

Hypnosis is usually experienced as heightened awareness in a deep state of relaxation. It allows you to concentrate. You are always the one who is in control in hypnosis. The hypnotherapist is the facilitator. The ability to go into hypnosis is natural. If you have ever been absorbed in something, a movie, for instance, you have experienced hypnosis. People come from hypnotherapy sessions feeling refreshed. The changes they desire do happen.
People sometimes ask me if it is possible to do hypnotherapy over the telephone. While hypnotherapy sessions are usually done in person, it is possible to do coaching sessions that involve a variety of approaches over the telephone. I live and practice regularly in Durham, NC. I offer coaching sessions over the telephone for people living at a distance.

I offer self-hypnosis to groups of people who like to work on personal and creative issues in a supportive group environment. This is a very enjoyable and meaningful way of being and working together. These groups are conducted in an open forum-like manner in which I play the role of moderator. Self-hypnosis workshops can be tailored to meet the needs and interests of spicific groups of people. Workshops can be just for stress management, or can be more far ranging and include, along with methods of self-hypnosis, related methods for inner process work. These can include creative dreaming, dream interpretation, and so on depending on the interests and needs of the individuals in the group. People like working in a group setting. Self-hypnosis groups can consist of different numbers of people depending on the setting. While I normally conduct small groups, I can conduct self-hypnosis workshops for stress management for large groups of people in corporate settings. In addition to workshops for stress management, I offer workshops for goal setting, creative thinking, problem resolution, and so on depending on what comes up. For small groups, I encourage people to begin with at least one private session.
If you wish to contact me, call 919-425-2307 or send me an email from the Contact page of this website.

In addition to my private practice, I teach self-Hypnosis classes at Duke University.