Hypnotherapy to help pass exams

Have you ever been paralysed by nerves during an exam?

People often deal with exam stress in many unhelpful ways, such as procrastinating, not revising because they think that they will do badly anyway, and missing exams due to the anxiety that they are feeling.

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I can help with:
  • Improving concentration and memory for study — e.g. performance anxiety, assertiveness training, anger management
  • Removal of unhealthy feelings of stress and tensions
  • Overcoming procrastination and avoiding revision or missing exams
  • Finding more enjoyable ways of studying, which will avoid many hours of unrewarding effort
Neil from Peterborough shared his experience on exam anxiety and hypnotherapy:

“I admit to being sceptical about hypnosis and about what benefits hypnotherapy could possibly bring in regard to my exam anxiety. As you said at the beginning, all it requires is a willingness to relax my mind and body without fear that I shall be controlled or manipulated. I now feel well on the way to finding relief for my exam anxiety and stress. I use self-hypnosis and breathing techniques to control my anxiety, which allows me to remain concerned rather than anxious.”

Sessions will focus on

  • identifying and challenging your demands, which govern your fear of negative judgement
  • teaching self-hypnosis, which will help you to address your exam anxieties independently of any therapist
  • promotion of relaxation (with and without hypnosis) to improve your frame of mind as well as your focus
  • learning how to visualise via hypnosis, which will support your realistic perception of your upcoming exam mindset