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Clinical Hypnotherapy

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Hypnosis is natural

Hypnotherapy is simply an induced state of alertness of mind, accessed by relaxation. In everyday life, a similar state of mind is achieved naturally, for example through daydreaming, intense concentration, distraction, and during sleep.

Belief and the unconscious mind

Our beliefs are held in the unconscious part of the mind. In a state of hypnosis the unconscious part is more accessible to the patient. This means that weakening or strengthening a belief in hypnosis that has already been rationalised in a conscious state is more effective and much more powerful.


One aspect of hypnosis that is commonly misunderstood is the thought that the patient is not in control of the process. In fact, the patient remains in control due to their unconscious boundaries which protect their thought process and emotions during the trance state. The therapist simply provides instructions and guides the patient to refocus their consciousness on specific thoughts, ideas, images, and feelings.